CREATIVE Producing


Film Production

VIVE LA DOK produces films, initiates and leads industry events, accompanies projects as a service provider from the development stage to completion or supports authors or production companies in the various stages of their projects: from the idea to the finished film.

VIVE LA DOK was founded by Eva Rink in early 2021. Eva Rink has been working as a creative producer for major German documentary production companies for over 20 years and has been responsible for a large number of international co-productions, both in terms of content and finance, has led creative and production teams as well as developed elaborate projects for cinema and public television and supervised them until completion. Many of her films have been screened at film festivals worldwide and have won multiple awards.

ODE TO THE SUN - An Art History

Eine Kunstgeschichte
A film by Mathias Frick
52 min. In co-production with ZDF/arte
The sun is one of the most powerful and widespread symbols that define our humanity. It is a spiritual and physical power, it embodies power, creation and destruction.
With selected artistic works from all over the world, the film embarks on a journey into the history of art, culture, time and technology and tells of our relationship to the flaming star through the ages.



A film by Mathias Frick

52min, In Zusammenarbeit mit ZDF/ARTE

In co-production with NAVIGATOR Film (Austria).

Petroleum has become a black mirror of the last 150 years of human history. We embark on a cinematic journey back to the petro-modern era, the age of oil, and tell through artworks from different times and regions of this world what oil has done to us in the last 150 years.