VIVE LA DOK was founded in 2021 by Eva Rink.

Eva Rink has been working as a creative producer for major German production companies for over 20 years and has been responsible for a large number of international co-productions, both in terms of content and finance. She has led creative and production teams as well as developed elaborate projects for cinema and public television and supervised them until completion. Many of her films have been screened at film festivals worldwide and have won numerous awards.

In addition to producing films, she has also been working for the networking and structural development of the documentary film industry. She established the first DOK Market and industry offerings at the Leipzig International Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (DOK Leipzig) and managed it in its early years in 2005/2006. Ever since she has developed and managed various industry formats, curated film series, worked on selection committees, and moderated panels and case studies.

In 2020 she launched LETsDOK, the first nationwide documentary day, which took place in over 140 events all over Germany around September 19, 2020.

With Eva Rink, VIVE LA DOK has a large network of filmprofessionals within the German and international film industry and can draw on established structures and relationships.

Eva Rink is a member of AGDOK (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dokumentarfilm).

Eva Rink
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Mara Appelhagen
Production Management
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